day0 for day0Linux

Hello world,

this is a message from the founder of day0Linux and I’d like to start the project by expressing my excitement and explaining why I’m putting this blog together.

I first became interested in Linux in the early 2000’s. Years later, I finally tried virtual machines a try to absolutely no success. A few years after that, I tried my hand at live-booting a couple different Linux distributions on my HP 2000 laptop. The versions of Linux I tried included Puppy Linux, Ubuntu, and Opensuse. Ubuntu had an amazing community and an incredibly well-put-together desktop operating system, but I saw more opportunity in the Opensuse community which wasn’t as well developed or as large as the one for Ubuntu. This lead me to setting up my first dual-boot.

Long story short: I’m a Linux hobbyist who didn’t have much guidance, but now I have some formal training under my belt and I’m and looking to provide resources for others which I would have found useful when I was first starting out. My immediate goals are to put together easy to use how-to instructions for setting up and using virtual machines on Windows 10, also I will see about compiling a good list of Linux resources and helpful download links.

This blog will mostly serve as a newsletter of sorts to outline my short-term goals and to clarify the intentions behind the content I post. As founder, I hope day0Linux becomes a resource users enjoy returning to.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy your stay.



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